Electrocompaniet The Nordic Tone - Model 1

  Boxe ELECTROCOMPANIET The Nordic Tone - Model 1 - fine, high performance loudspeakers, designed and produced by skilled craftsmen in Norway.





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Three-way infinite baffle loading

Frequency response:

 28 - 35000 Hz ±2dB


90 dB, re 2.83V @ 1m

Nominal impedance:

6 Ohm






36 cm / 14.2 inches


52 cm /  20.48 inches


108 cm /  42.52 inches


75 kg. /  165.35 lbs

There is a special place in the hearts of music enthusiasts for true high fidelity audio equipment. The most important value of Electrocompaniet products is their ability to reproduce musical performances so natural and uncolored that the listeners can close their eyes and enjoy concert experiences at home.

Electrocompaniet strives to reproduce the musical and holographic information provided via the loudspeaker cables as naturally as possible. This gives the listeners the best basis for joyful and living music experiences at home. The goal is to design loudspeakers that add positively to the home environment.

The cabinet technology developed breaks with the traditional and cost-efficient loudspeaker enclosures of thick, heavy wood based enclosure walls. Electrocompaniet believes that a cabinet should be made of a thin, light, stiff material, shaped with spherical surfaces. Spherical surfaces are very important as it increases the stiffness hundreds of times compared to the flat and tenfold compared to extruded aluminium profiles.

The reason for Electrocompaniet's search for thin, light, stiff enclosures is based on the following: Hi frequency resonances, as those found in light and stiff materials, are much easier to muffle. They combine the outer 7 mm cast aluminum wall with a heavy dead muffler sandwich on the inside. The muffling method is basically the same as the ones used in aircraft to enable the passengers leave the plane with their ears intact - which actually is quite remarkable considering that they have been sitting only a few meters away from one of the strongest sound producers made by man - a large jet engine.

To improve this method even further the complete enclosure is pre-tensioned with pushrods loaded with 2500N. The absorbers inside the enclosure are shaped as wedges, preventing reflections from the sound waves reaching the rear side of the elements.