Wharfedale Opus 2-1

   Boxe WHARFEDALE OPUS 2-1 - The Opus2 loudspeaker system is a premium quality, large format loudspeaker designed for exceptional accuracy in the reproduction of recorded music and film.

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Type   3-way floor stand  
     Bass driver    200mm KEVLAR
    Mid-Range   75mm Textile dome
    Tweeter   25mm Textile dome
    Nominal Impedance   6 ohm (8 ohm compatible)
    Frequency Response +/- 3dB   37Hz - 43kHz
    Recommended Amplifier Power   60 - 300w
    SPL (1w@1m)   89dB
    Dimensions (h x w x d)mm   1005 x 260 x 410
    Nett weight   28.0kg


  Drive Unit Technology: Opus uses advanced neodymium and alnico magnets to produce intense and focused flux fields that provide a tight grip on drive unit movement.  The soft dome midrange, the most advanced unit of its kind, provides tonal balancing throughout the range.  The bass cone, a woven carbon fibre composite unit exhibits incredible linearity and control with a textbook response and rise time.  Dynamics are dramatically harder and faster with no noticeable bass overhang.

 Piano Gloss Finish: All models are finished to a piano gloss standard, using selected hardwoods.  Protected with 10 upward coats of varnish, each coat is cut and polished by hand after being naturally dried at atmospheric temperature.  Only the highest standards of finish are deemed acceptable.

Curved Cabinet: Constructed with a special variety of wood composite which is manufactured from Australian Eucalyptus and Pine blended with synthetic resins.  This grade of wood is prized for its inherent qualities of strength, homogeneous consistency and its flawlessly smooth finish.  With the curved shape enclosure, standing waves are prevented from starting and bass energy is maintained rather than absorbed.

Opus ‘Tri-pole’ Surround:  Twin pairs of dome mid-ranges and tweeters fire at angles.  This speaker is designed to be hung on rear or side walls in pairs to create the ideal rear soundstage for modern multi-channel systems.  The front firing 6.5” or 170mm bass driver extends the bass response to around 60Hz.

Gold-plated Terminal & Spikes: Heavy duty, shielded and gold-plated tri-wire terminals are supplied.  Bridge links for either single, bi or tri wiring, (or amping) enable a wide choice of amplifier and cable options to suit every budget and taste.  The floorstanding models are supplied with integral plinth stand, securely making a very good mechanical contact even on uneven floors or carpet pile.